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Passenger Sensing System
In Brief / Initial Drive Information / Passenger Sensing System

The passenger sensing system, if equipped, turns off the front outboard passenger frontal airbag under certain conditions. No other airbag is affected by the passenger sensing system.

If the vehicle has one of the indicators pictured in the following illustrations, then the vehicle has a passenger sensing system for the right front passenger position unless there is an airbag off switch located in the glove box.

If there is an airbag off switch, the vehicle does not have a passenger sensing system. See Airbag On-Off Switch on page 3‑32 for more information.

The passenger airbag status indicator will be visible on the overhead console when the vehicle is started.

GMS Sierra: Passenger Sensing System. United States
United States

GMS Sierra: Passenger Sensing System. Canada and Mexico
Canada and Mexico

See Passenger Sensing System on page 3‑35 for important information.

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