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Ride Control System Messages
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If the vehicle has StabiliTrak and this message displays, it means there may be a problem with the StabiliTrak system. If you see this message, try to reset the system.

Stop; turn off the engine for at least 15 seconds; then start the engine again. If this message still comes on, it means there is a problem. You should see your dealer for service.

The vehicle is safe to drive; however, you do not have the benefit of StabiliTrak, so reduce your speed and drive accordingly.


If the vehicle has StabiliTrak, this message displays when there is a problem with the Traction Control System (TCS). When this message displays, the system will not limit wheel spin. Adjust your driving accordingly. See your dealer for service. See StabiliTrak® System on page 9‑59 for more information.


If the vehicle has StabiliTrak, this message may come on if the StabiliTrak system has not fully initialized because of road conditions or the incorrect tire size.

When the StabiliTrak system is fully initialized, the message will turn off.

See StabiliTrak® System on page 9‑59 for more information.

If this message continues to be displayed for multiple ignition cycles and on different road surfaces, see your dealer for service.


This message displays when the traction control and/or StabiliTrak systems have been turned on or off.

Adjust your driving accordingly.

To limit wheel spin and realize the full benefits of the stability enhancement system, you should normally leave StabiliTrak on.

However, you should turn StabiliTrak off if the vehicle gets stuck in sand, mud, ice, or snow and you want to rock the vehicle to attempt to free it, or if you are driving in extreme off-road conditions and require more wheel spin. See If the Vehicle Is Stuck on page 9‑16. To turn the StabiliTrak system on or off, see StabiliTrak® System on page 9‑59.

STABILITRAK OFF may also display when the stability control has been automatically disabled.

There are several conditions that can cause this message to appear.

• One condition is overheating, which could occur if StabiliTrak activates continuously for an extended period of time.

• The message also displays if the brake system warning light is on.

See Brake System Warning Light on page 5‑27.

• The message could display if the stability system takes longer than usual to complete its diagnostic checks due to driving conditions.

• The message displays if an engine or vehicle related problem has been detected and the vehicle needs service. See your dealer.

The message turns off as soon as the conditions that caused the message to be displayed are no longer present.

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