GMC Sierra Owners Manual

Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge
Instruments and Controls / Warning Lights, Gauges, and Indicators / Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge

GMS Sierra: Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge. Metric

GMS Sierra: Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge. English

This gauge shows the engine coolant temperature.

It also provides an indicator of how hard the vehicle is working. During a majority of the operation, the gauge reads 100C (210F) or less.

If pulling a load or going up hills, it is normal for the temperature to fluctuate and go over the 113C (235F) mark. If the gauge reaches the 125C (260F) mark, it indicates that the cooling system is working beyond its capacity.

See Engine Overheating on page 10‑23.

If the vehicle is a hybrid, see the hybrid supplement for more information.

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